About Us

The Sarratt Rebels Youth Football Club shares its home ground and wears the same coloured strip as the adult team Sarratt FC.

Situated at King George V playing fields in Sarratt, Hertfordshire, the youth football club is designed for budding football stars to have fun and to learn how to play the “beautiful game”. Sport is a great way for children to learn the benefits of working as a team and to enforce this ideal our club moto is “Per Unitatem Vis” (Through Unity Strength).

The Sarratt Rebels Youth Football Club is a non-profit making organisation. All money raised is used for the benefit of the children at the club. We cater for children at primary school and our aim is to encourage all children to have fun learning and playing football.

We are a British Football Association registered club and we participate in the West Herts Youth Football League and also in the South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference. All of our coaches are CRB approved by the Football Association.

The achievement of the boys is recognised annually at our awards ceremony and BBQ event. The 2014 event was covered in The Watford Observer.

The club is associated with the South Hertfordshire Children’s University. Children may earn stamps in their learning passports for taking part in accredited activities at any participating group or venue. Credit is earned for the time children spend involved in activities. They are then invited to collect a national award at a local Graduation Ceremony – witchildrens unih achievement measured according to levels of participation:
• Bronze: 30 hours
• Silver 65 hours
• Gold 100 hours
• Plus, honorary certificates for outstanding achievement and commitment

Sarratt Rebels collage of photos