Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do the Sarratt Rebels play?

A) King George V Playing Fields in Sarratt – click for a Full Address and a MAP

2) Do the boys need football kits?

A) Shorts and t-shirt are fine. There is no need to buy a football kit if you do not wish to do so. When the boys are a little older and competing in the West Herts Youth League against other clubs we will provide kit for them to wear (vertical black and yellow stripes are the team colours).

3) What else do the boys need?

A) The one investment that you may like to make is a small pair of shin pads (again try the Sarratt Rebels shop on this website which is powered by Amazon). The boys can be over zealous and accidentally kick each other rather than the ball on ocassions and shin pads provide the requisite protection.

4) Are parents required to stay during training sessions?

A) We do ask that a parent remains in attendance during the sessions for a number of reasons. For example if their child needs to go to the loo in the middle of a session: it is not possible for the coach to abandon the rest of the group in order to take one child to the toilet yet we wouldn’t want a 5 year old wandering off by himself in search of a toilet. However, the most important reason for asking the parents to stay is that as a matter of law if you were to leave the children with us then we would be classified as “child minders” which we are not. Moreover, childminders may look after up to six children under the age of eight per adult. Since we can have up to 25 children with one football coach, we would be in contravention of the law if parents were to leave their children with us. As such, we request that parents remain in attendance as a matter of necessity. The training session is only an hour and while some parents actively encourage their children from the side of the football field, others simply bring a book, magazine or newspaper and sit on a bench or in the car while the sessions are in progress.

5) Football boots or trainers?

A) We play on a grass football field and so if it has been raining it can get muddy and/or slippery. For this reason football boots are better than trainers as the studs provide a better grip. Kids football boots are quite cheap – try the Sarratt Rebels shop on this website which is powered by Amazon. If you are buying football boots then we would recommend moulded studs rather than screw in studs (the former are cheaper and can be used in wet muddy conditions as well as on hard dry ground…whereas the latter are not ideal for dry hard ground).