Join Sarratt Rebels

To maintain accurate records and ensure the safety of all children at Sarratt Rebels FC it is important that we have a completed Membership Form each Season for each child who plays at the club. NB. This must be completed each season.


Annual season fees are as follows:

  • Boys Under 7s 2022/23 – £165
  • Boys Under 8s 2022/23 – £166
  • Boys Under 10s 2022/23 – £167
  • Boys Under 11s 2022/23 – £215
  • Boys Under 13s 2022/23 – £216
  • Boys Under 14s 2022/23 – £218
  • Boys Under 16s 2022/23 – £219
  • Boys Under 18s 2022/23 – £221
  • Girls Under 14s 2022/23 – £217
  • Girls Under 18s 2022/23 – £220

This includes coaching, matches,
training equipment, venue hire, pitches,
tournament entry & league and FA affiliation.

Payment details

Please pay by BACS to:
NatWest Bank – 601732 Acc No. 10666958

Membership form

Player’s details
Parent’s details (Main contact)
Parent’s details (Second contact)
Emergency contact

In the event that we cannot contact a parent on the above mobile or home numbers, please provide an
alternative emergency contact name, relationship and number below

Please indicate here the amount you are paying based on the above subscriptions rates and you will receive an invoice by email.

Please note there is a 25% sibling discount available on the second child

Parent/Guardian Declaration

I am the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the member named above (“my child”) and declare that all information provided in this form is correct. In submitting this form I acknowledge and accept that Sarratt Rebels YFC (“the Club”) is a not-for-profit organisation run by unpaid volunteers, often parents of the members. I accept full responsibility for the welfare of my child while participating in club activity and undertake to ensure that there will always be a responsible adult present during club activity charged with the sole and absolute responsibility of tending to the welfare of my child. In the event of an accident or injury where the coach / club officer is unable to contact the parent(s) / guardian(s) named above and where no responsible adult with delegated authority can be located, I give permission to the Sarratt Rebels YFC representative present to act as my proxy in authorising medical treatment. I further consent to the Club first aiders to provide first aid treatment if required as they see fit in their sole and absolute discretion. For the avoidance of doubt I accept that it shall be the responsibility of neither the Club nor its officers, voluntary workers and servants to tend to the welfare of my child and that to the maximum extent permitted by the law all liability for the acts and/or omissions of the Club and its representatives shall be excluded. Moreover, I undertake to hold the Club, its officers, voluntary workers and servants harmless, provided always that they act in good faith, and to indemnify them in relation to any liability pertaining to my child’s activity that may accrue as the result of loss, damage to property, death or personal injury.

I agree that my child be bound by the Laws and resolutions of the Football Association, and its Constituent Bodies and the Rules and Code of Conduct of Sarratt Rebels YFC.

I give my consent to the taking and publication of photographic images, taken by persons appointed by Sarratt Rebels FC for publicity / coaching purposes (including publication on the club website, printed marketing material, local newspapers, etc.) unless I have provided a separate letter or email of objection to The Club Secretary, Sarratt Rebels FC.

Data Protection. I understand the information being collected on the form is to enable my child to become a member of Sarratt Rebels FC. This is to ensure the children listed are covered by our public liability insurance policy. This information will only be used in connection with the activities of Sarratt Rebels FC, and only shared with Herts FA & WHYL.